Our Project management tool for everyday use. With assideo, complex projects and extensive project management can be easily implemented. Through our relevant experience and the incorporation of customer feedback, assideo has grown steadily and been perfected. The tool is precisely adapted to customer needs.
Program and Project Management
With assideo you can manage your projects and your teams easily and with a perfect overview. The different features make assideo the ideal companion, thanks to which you will successfully navigate through the daily challenges.
Reporting & Risk Management
Project management is often associated with imponderables. We support you with clear reporting and support functions such as integrated protocol management, change request & result management, time planning, glossary and much more. Comprehensive risk management capabilities round out assideo in a valuable way.
Task and Department Management
Task and decision management becomes very simple and clear with assideo. Whether you prefer a tabular view or a Kanban board, you decide what view is presented and always have an overview of the tasks and decisions in your department.
Time Management
Transparence not only in terms of tasks, but also in terms of time spent. With assideo, it is possible to easily plan capacities and resources at the project, activity or task level, as well as to record actual efforts. Tabular and graphical reporting support the management.
Functional Description

Optimal for startups and small businesses

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CHF 18.-

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The solution for companies with multiple projects and departments

10 User CHF 150.-
Each further CHF 9.-

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Ideal for companies with independent departments or consulting firms

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Darcy de Mestral’s dedicated project management tool assideo helps to show references and connections in the day-to-day business of larger projects and to strengthen team collaboration.
Bjørn Schaeffner, Online-Expert, Journalist, Lecturer and Speaker, Bern
Assideo was used as part of a larger IT project at KPT. It is a very comprehensive tool, which is not always entirely intuitive due to its many features. I think it is particularly suitable for classic projects in the waterfall model.
Fabio Buscemi, Owner Digital Contact Channels, KPT, Bern
I still see some room for improvement with assideo in terms of user experience and task management. But it is a holistic tool with good vessels for decision making, protocols, risks and for task planning. In particular, assideo maps all aspects of a project that are not oriented to a multi-step task plan very well.
Marcel Tschanen, external Project Manager, KPT, Bern
Assideo provides a common basis for discussion for all parties involved. Important key data is visualized, protocols, decisions and status messages are documented in a comprehensible way. The program also offers good scalability up to comprehensive project portfolio management.
Claude Finance, Project Manager, Methis Informatik GmbH, Ersigen