We have proven competencies in program & project management, especially in the context of complex projects in the triangle of business processes, information systems and organization. The introduction of new IT systems, the management of programs with process-related and organizational effects are just as much a part of advento's strengths as the establishment of new business areas and functional divisions.
Program & Project Management
We specialize in the needs-based management of complex projects. We consistently focus on the conflicting demands of budget, deadlines, and quality. With a holistic approach and goal-oriented measures, we succeed in transforming complexity into comprehensible processes.
Process Optimization
We analyze existing processes and organizations and identify short- and long-term optimization potential with reference to desired results. The focus is on cost, time and quality. All three factors are to be optimized.
Management & Controlling Systems
We develop performance and management metrics that are aligned with your needs and displayed exactly as you want them to be. In addition, we support you in the interpretation of key figures so that you have the opportunity to optimize your processes.
Training & Coaching
Using the «networked thinking» approach, we offer courses in project management. The method is taught at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts as part of the MBA training course using assideo. We are happy to offer specific training on the project management tool assideo on request.
I know Darcy de Mestral from various projcets where I was either a client or project manager. He is a top sparring partner, has excellent methodological skills and acts as a conscientious driver. It is a pleasure to work with him, not to mention that he is a great person.
Roger Grüring, Head of User Experience & Channels, Swiss Post, Bern
As Business Owner of Swisscom’s corporate website, my experience working with Darcy de Mestral has been invariably positive. He is a nimble lateral thinker and committed creator who brings a great deal of expertise and experience in the implementation of IT projects.
Bjørn Schaeffner, Online Expert, Journalist, Lecturer and Speaker, Bern
I worked with Darcy de Mestral and Michèle Ritter on various projects. I appreciate the pragmatic and hands-on way in which projects are led to success. The independent way of working, the great experience in project management as well as the open, respectful and honest interaction are important prerequisites to implement projects together.
Silvan Bolli, Product Owner and Project Manager for the new Website, Swiss Post, Bern
In our project of migrating all front-end systems and connecting them to a new core system, Darcy de Mestral and his people shone with very great commitment, technical expertise and professional demeanor. Commitment, leadership and transparent communication distinguish the team.
Fabio Buscemi, Owner Digital Contact Channels, KPT, Bern
Darcy de Mestral is a thoughful, mercurial and forward-thinking overall project manager with infectious tenacity. He sees potential trouble spots early and brings them to attention of all stages. As a client, you also benefit from the fact that he knows how to recruit excellent project staff. And what really impressed me personally: Overload and stress are no reason for a bad mood!
Marcel Tschanen, external Project Manager, KPT, Bern
I have seen Darcy de Mestral in action in various projects at Sunrise and Cablecom. What impresses me is not only his reliability and his ability to help shape things – and to disagree with the client in a friendly but firm manner at times – but also, and above all, that he is able to inspire internal teams as an external project manager or program manager and bring them along with him. I would entrust a company to him at any time.
Mariateresa Vacalli, CEO, Cler Bank
During Darcy de Mestral’s interim assignments for Acuente, his absolutely serious and professional commitment stood out. In addition to his technical and organizational skills, he impressed above all with his networked thinking and acting as well as hish high methodological competence. From my point of view, one can hand over the management of a project or program – even a large one – to him without hesitation.
Reto Grendelmeier, Acuenta Management AG, Zürich
During the development of FinanceScout24, the advento team supported us in a needs-oriented manner, both in the project management office and with specific content-related topics (e.g. implementation of a ticket system in the contact center). I particularly appreciated the flexibility of Darcy and his team as well as their identification with our project.
Jan Hinrichs, Managing Director FinanceScout24, Flamatt
I have worked with Darcy de Mestral on several large projects, each time leading a sub-project. Darcy is able to think his way into a company’s situation very quickly and also manages complex projects in a goal-oriented manner, even when tensions arise. In each case, he was greatly appreciated by all involved, not least because of his authentic cooperation at all levels.
Claude Finance, Project Manager, Methis Informatik GmbH, Ersigen