Our Clients

We rely on long-standing customer relationships and are proud to tackle new challenges in different areas with our partners again and again. The following selection of customers shows the diversity of our projects. In addition to the partners listed here, we have also had the pleasure of working with many other renowned customers in recent years.
KPT plc - the health insurance with a plus

Program management for the launch of a new website. In addition, support in the areas of offline marketing (brand launch), testing, process management and business analysis. For the successful introduction, cross-divisional cooperation with all business units and reengineering projects was necessary.

Office Meeting
Swiss Post

Under our project management and support, a newly designed information architecture was developed and introduced. Implementation of the “Content Konzernsite” sub-project, in which 6,500 pages were developed in four languages. This long-term project with many challenges was unique, especially in its size. Through coordinated collaboration with the project team and the corporate divisions, the website was significantly improved, particularly with regard to customer orientation.

Office Conversation
Scout 24

Analysis of existing sales figures in the advertising market. Based on the goals and wishes of the project team, we developed a dashboard in which the key performance indicators are regularly entered. Their analysis forms an excellent basis for management decisions.

Data Reviewing

Implementation of a self-care portal for customers according to strategic specifications of the company management. Administrative and sales support measures are mapped in the portal and helped to sustainably reduce costs for customer contacts.

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences

We have a long-standing partnership with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. We offer coaching there in the subject “Networked Thinking” of the MBA course. Here, we teach students the approach and planning for complex projects that is crucial for successful project management.

Other Customers

Since our inception, we have had the pleasure of working with many other clients on exciting projects. These include: Biotronik, Burkhalter, Bytics, Cablecom, Cargologic, Certas, FC Zurich, Gysin, Kuoni, Migros, Panalpina, Roche, Sunrise, Swissport, Tamedia, UPC Liberty, Voila, von Tobel, Zollfreilager, eGroup, Kant. Steueramt Zürich, Mobility, Rondo, Selecta, Stromer, Swisscard, Visana.