assideo - from order analysis to implementation control

The challenges in a globalized and networked world are becoming more complex. Today, linear analysis of projects is no longer sufficient for many problems. In terms of the optimal use of resources, it is important to understand the various interdependencies of a project system in order to be able to trigger projects, assignments or measures exactly at those points where they achieve the greatest effect. A successful method to analyze assignments and risks holistically and to formulate and implement stringent, goal-oriented measures is based on the approach of the "problem-solving and decision-making methodology II". Progress and monitoring tools are integrated, which can be used at any stage during the realization and inform the client at any time about the status of the processing of the problem or the overall order. Integrated tools are also available for the management of operational implementation.

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A web-based tool for holistic project management

Assideo was developed by processionals and intensively tested during a comprehensive pilot phase. With the many years of practical experience of the solution architects who have handled projects in a wide range of industries, the best has been combined in a web-based tool. The application supports the management of departments, projects and programs. The integrated analysis box, allows the analysis of complex problems according to networked thinking approach. Simple and intuitive. Assideo does not see itself as a project procedure method, but accompanies managers, project leaders and employees in a sector-neutral way. The solution follows the principle “Reduce to the Maximum”. The most important functions are summarized as comprehensively as necessary.